Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Attractor Fields, Smart Geometry 2008

I've just got back from Munich where I've participated to the Smart Geometry 2008; it was a very interesting week of workshop and events; the Generative Components workshop has been a very intense and rewarding experience; I'd like to thanks SG for organizing the event and I look forward for next year, maybe on the West coast...
Following some images regarding the work I've been producing in four days. I've been playing around with Generative Components trying to investigate concepts related with field condition and surface population.

"Vector fields are often used in physics to model, for example, the speed and direction of a moving fluid throughout space, or the strength and direction of some force, such as the magnetic or gravitational force, as it changes from point to point." (wikipedia)
In the above diagrammatic chart is represented a field with two main attractors positioned at the vertices of the present line. The vector field gets attracted to these points according to the proximity to it. The attraction was generated by a C# script thanks to the support of Jeroen Coenders (Arup). A whole series of gradient conditions originate from such a set up and it is what makes the exercise interesting for the capacity to become an abstract differentiated machine: zones of attraction (or even repulsion), orientation, differentiation between similarity, self-similarity are just some of the interesting characteristics to be exploited and potentially applied for design.

The surface population exercise is fairly straight forward and simple to implement: in the case shown above the components that populate the surface are provided of local coordinate system. In this way is possible to orientate one axis of each single component towards an attractor point (sun?).


diego pinochet said...

very interesting stuff. i constantly visit your blog.

nice work man.

im into scripting too my site is escripto.wordpress.com

good luck!!

Paso said...

Ciao (Hi) Uomo (Man)!

Che studi stai portando vanti? (What kind of study you leave go on?) si dice così?

Sono molto fighi i tuoi disegni!!! (Your designs are eccelent)