Wednesday, 22 October 2008

HOMEOSTATIC serie: cable nets_03

Above some images of the 1:10 prototype built to simulate the behaviour of the cable structure and study its setting out. The supporting frame is made of 5mm perspex sheets. Due to the restrict scale of the model we opted for the setting out of 30 sections of cable out of the 60 envisioned at full scale. An accurate estimate of each cable length is very important for the correct setting out of the structure: to minimize the load on the frame the cables are cut to the right length so that each of them is meeting the two neighbouring cables at one intermediate point in space reaching its straight position without as little additional tensional force as possible.

The present iteration is still presenting problem as, due to the geometry of the cables, some of them are not working or result working in compression causing displacement of the position of the cables. Different geometrical arrangements are currently under scrutiny; Iterative structural analysis are carried out by Eng. C.Diaco.
The project is currently soffering some budget restriction: the long wave of credit crunch is hitting us: fingers crossed!

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